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 Who Is Tim Harper, What Is Innovation?

For twenty five years, from the European Space Agency to Graphene start ups I have been identifying, understanding and acting on technology trends to build new companies or facilitate innovation in existing ones.

I’m currently working on projects involving applications of graphene and nanotechnology in construction, heating, environmental remediation and biosensing. Working with organisations ranging from start ups to the World Economic Forum.


I provide consulting services for clients globally. Typical services include:

  • Business strategy – overall strategic planning and support from starting up and funding to product development;
  • Non executive directorships and board adviser positions;
  • Strategic communications – from developing business plans and presentations through to marketing plans and initiating contact with senior people in potential customer/partner companies;
  • Market entry strategies – Evaluating where in the value chain clients sit, analysis of market and competitive risks and developing strategies for building a sustainable business in an area of rapidly increasing competition;
  • Innovation catalysis – Helping (larger) organisations understand how to take advantage of graphene which could range from introductory workshops to market analysis.
  • Expert due diligence for investors.

Recent engagements have included:

  • Developing novel graphene based heating materials
  • Sourcing graphene based materials
  • Advising a UK company on an AIM flotation
  • Taking a novel filter medium to market
  • Developing a business and communications strategy for a major academic institution

There’s more information about consulting and The Graphene Council here.

You can find out more about me, at LinkedIn, or or 

Tim Harper talks at TEDx.

Emerging technologies are critical to long-term global prosperity. They represent the innovation that adds necessary economic and social value to materials, products and processes.

They provide potential solutions to a wide range of pressing global challenges including energy generation and storage, health care, climate change, food security and access to clean water, and also potential opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs.

graphene emerging technologies

Emerging Technologies are ones that:

  • Arise from new knowledge, or the innovative application of existing knowledge;
  • Lead to the rapid development of new capabilities;
  • Are projected to have significant systemic and long-lasting economic, social and political impacts;
  • Create new opportunities for and challenges to addressing global issues; and
  • Have the potential to disrupt or create entire industries.