February 26, 2004

Another week, another nanotechnology index

The European Business Forum recently published an article in which I argued that although nanotechnology may be the next big thing, we will have considerable difficulty in measuring it. This week yet another nanotechnology index was published. While it is admirable that Punk Ziegel chose not to include IBM and HP "because nanotechnology does not have an impact on their valuations" our clients already know exactly what the influence of nanotechnology is on the rest of the companies in the index.

The inclusion of NanoGen raised more than a nanochuckle in this office.

The chief problem is that the influence of nanotechnology on valuations is dynamic, the percentage of revenues influenced by nanotech changes with time, and is dependent on the success, or otherwise, of those business units applying nanotechnology.

As an exercise for the more academically minded first unravel the Honjo Chemical/Mitsubishi/Mitsubishi Chemical Corp/Nanotech Partners web, then quantify the effect of the technologies being developed at MER on Mitsubishi Motors.

We'll let you know how you did.

Posted by Cientifica at February 26, 2004 11:17 AM
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