March 17, 2004

Europeans "a damn sight cleverer than most people in the States"

Just when we thought the mud slinging and name calling between Europe and the US had died down, Otillia Saxl of Scotland's Institute of Nanotechnology sends us rushing to call in the diplomatic peacekeeping corps with the assertion that Europeans are smarter than Americans.

Doctors will be relieved to hear that nanotechnology, being "what they call disruptive" means that they "could in the future avoid prescribing drugs that could kill you."

Nanotube producers worldwide will be equally surprised by the Institutes call for a ban on the availability of carbon nanotubes in powder form.

Before we get too hysterical, it is worth remembering out that many households contain a variety of potentially harmful substances. Banning everything that may possibly be of danger if it is misused may be the aim of P.J O'Rourke's Safety Nazis, but in the real world instructions such as 'keep out of the reach of children' or 'do not drink' are usually sufficient protection. While the jury is still out on the effects of nanotubes on the body, knee jerk reactions such as this are as counter productive as the refusal by other organisations to hear any environmental concerns.

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