March 19, 2004

Bush's Secret Revenge

Nothing to do with our spilling the beans, or should that be noodles, about the Chinese tie.

If you remember the mid 2002 "Do you want to get RICH beyond your WILDEST DREAMS" you'll enjoy the new kid on the block who bellows "THIS COULD BE THE BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY OF YOUR LIFE?" From the message of 'miss this and you'll be sorry' to the subscription price, its almost a word for word copy of the infamous ForbesWolfe flyer.

Investors in Harris & Harris (TINY) may or may not be pleased to know that they are on their way to making "1,600% or more on the Next Softbank," while others can rest assured that they will be "$1.5 MILLION RICHER LESS THAN THREE YEARS FROM NOW"

The other red hot stock tips are simple to identify, numbers 2 and 3 are Nanogen (again) and Altair. If you have any trouble identifying red hot stock pick number one, just mail us a blank cheque and we'll let you know.

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