April 01, 2004

The Seven Deadly Finns

We have been dying to use that one for years, but with the addition of a new member to our team at partners Jaako Poyry we now have seven. Part of this week was spent in Vantaa, on the edge of Helsinki where we, along with Terje Berg of Eucat, were giving a nanotechnology seminar to a cross section of Finnish industry.

While the seminar was instructive and enlightening for both us and the audience, participants got a sneak peek at our new Nanobarometer.

The Nanobarometer is based on an algorithm which allows us to quantify the 'buzz' i.e. what companies, technologies or applications are being talked about the most across the entire spectrum of information feeds that we monitor and analyze. Of course just knowing what is hot this week only tells part of the story, you also have to know why, and we do.

As financial professionals also operate on the basis of semi quantitative lemming or sheep like processes, while seeing themselves as a wolf pack (see the next story on Merrill Lynch for example), putting some sensible numbers on the whole spectrum of nanotechnology, as opposed to a subjectively choses subset, allows us to track and predict performance.

This becomes especially interesting if you combine the barometer with our weak signals analysis, which spots the hot companies while they are cool, and tells us which ones are about to go off the boil.

All in all itís a nice example of the convergence of nano, IT and bio.

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