April 14, 2004

Nanopilfering Nanotubes

The Swans and other CNT producers worldwide will be glad to see the news on AZoNano headlined "Commercial applications of (CNTs) soon to be realised" while the hyperactive team at Eikos will feel puzzled to have had their highly commercial and very marketable applications overlooked.

An identical article, ironically entitled "Carbon Copy" (or should that be ctrl+C) appears on the Georgia Tech web site and in their latest issue of "Research Horizons."

A quick glance at the AZoNano site reveals plenty more plagiarism of a level not seen since the heady days of the nanopilfering Nanotech Planet.

While there a surfeit rather than a shortage of nanotechnology news these days, the O'Nanos could do worse than take a look at Nanotech-Now which not only manages to be comprehensive, but avoids picking up every story about a nanosecond pulse, and acknowledges their sources.

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Regarding your remarks about “certain news site” using the “cut and paste “ method of news gathering I would like to say something on behalf of my own site.

I can not agree with you statement about the abundance of Nano news. Apart from the normal free news wire services I have to wade daily through about 100 emails checking the news just for a hint of the word Nano.

Then like buses and taxis… ( three arriving all once ) a bumper selection of news is release all on the same day!

As an Independent Nano News “start-up “ I do not have the financial luxury of purchasing news service filters, but I do pride myself on offering as much ( and some days even more ) NanoTech news then your heralded “Nanotechnology -Now “.

So who am I ?

Well I am the Editor / Owner / and Chief bottle - washer …. of Nano Tsunami which is an Independent European based NanoTech News Portal

The site offers daily headline news about the emerging MNT, micro- mems- and nanotechnology industry, from all around the globe.

I also offer Dutch, German, France language news and developments about research, applications, and above all NanoTech Products available within the European Nano Tech market.

My target audience is anyone interested in all developments within the emerging world of NanoTech , I also try hard to focus on forthcoming NanoTech products as and when they emerge.

My Web site is free to all and we no subscription service ( or to date ) newsletter service.

My editorial calendar is 6 days a week ( with Sat-Sun Issues combined ).

So please take another look around the NanoTech news world, its changed, there are new kids on the block !

With kind regards

David W.G. Voyle

Nano Tsunami…read the wave

Posted by: David Voyle at April 16, 2004 04:11 PM
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