April 22, 2004


A press release entitled " Nanotechnology helps to save water in Australia " caught our attention, not least because of the large number of initiatives around the world involving water treatment, remediation and recovery that Cientifica is currently involved in. It's more boring nanotechnology from a media point of view, coatings for concrete, glass, steel etc. The Australian manufacturers, Nanotec Pty Ltd make the point that if things donít get as dirty, you use less water to clean them.

Its worth considering that according to the Unesco although 70 per cent of the world's surface is covered by water, only a fraction of that - 2.5 per cent - is freshwater, of which 70 per cent is frozen in ice caps. The remainder is present as soil moisture. This leaves less than one per cent of the world's freshwater resources accessible for human use.

Given the amount of paving and glass in use from Australia to Arizona, its just one of the areas where nanotechnology has a potential to help tip the balance

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