April 29, 2004



Something else that may worry the environmental movement is the number of variants of fullerenes that seem to be multiplying faster than those dreaded and theoretical nanobots. New Scientist reports on the latest discovery, miniature "buckyballs."

This does raise an issue that may cause both whoops of joy and concern, depending on whether you are an engineer or a regulator, the sheer number of new compounds based on fullerene chemistry. Whether it is mini buckys, nano onions, or non carbon based nanotubes, our new found abilities in nanochemistry are leading to a new range of materials, some of which may turn out to have quite remarkable properties.

However, before anyone gets too excited and launches a C50 index, getting these to market may prove tricky -the earliest fullerenes discovered give a salutatory lesson; Carbon 60 and nanotubes are still struggling onto market over a decade after their discovery.

Oh, and we still have to find a use for them!

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