May 03, 2004


This weeks second case of misdirected effort comes from Eva Gutierrez of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) in a study entitled “Privacy Implications of Nanotechnology.”

As with many of these missives, it’s a case of spot the nano. We are two thirds of the way into the piece, wading through the usual cutting and pasting, garbling and mangling that often passes for introductions to nanotechnology (typical is the assertion that “Generally matter on the nano scale is referred to as nano-particles”) before we find any mention of privacy.

All that EPIC finds to say about the “Privacy Implications of Nanotechnology” is that “Nanotechnology presents the potential for new surveillance devices.”

So it does, but so do a whole range of other technologies, microelectronics for example. EPIC fall into the twin traps being unable to distinguish nanotubes from microchips, and assuming that nanotechnology is some kind of stand alone industry.

We shudder to think what EPIC may have to say about diamondoid flying nanorobots!

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