May 07, 2004


As if the good name of nanotechnology was not sufficiently besmirched by nanobots, we see the emergence in Denmark of what appears to be a pyramid scheme selling a range of ‘nano’ cleaning products. The deal is that you recruit additional distributors and get rich, turning your initial few hundred euro investment into fifty thousand or more. From the web site we see that the scheme is also to be launched in Germany and the UK.

It’s only natural that if something attracts as much interest as nano, the fraudsters and scammers will soon be buzzing around. We know of at least two market research firms that have suffered very professional attempts at extortion, and there are plenty of ‘pump and dump’ schemes popping up on investing bulletin boards.

Be careful out there.

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Pyramids? Oh, what a wonderful idea this is. Thought Police? What are you talking about? I never heard of SINGULARITY ...

But back to the Pyramid ... Of course the nano industry is going to unleash the floodgates of financial funding as soon as the GREAT WAMPUMANNAZ PYRAMID is announced through MTV and Hollywood and Britney Spears ... who I heard has dibs on the glass enclosure penthouse suite of the world's foremost shrine to music. Oh, I also heard the pyramid is 10X the size of the great khofu giza pyramid of cairo, egypt .. enormous ... on the side of a mountain in the desert of california, 1/2 way between san francisco and los angeles .. hollywood.

Eminem, Dre, ... can't forget about Britney, or Paris Hilton... yummy ... oh, and Jessica Simpson ... isn't she so pretty, bet she'd like to have a MX baby...but oh britney, she is at the top of this PYRAMID SCHEME ... WHAT A CROCK THIS IS :) ... OF THE NANO MOLECULAR ASSEMBLER MNT DIVISION OF MX WAMPUM ...... INDIANS??? WHAT??? THEY STILL ARE HERE? amazing dude...hear the eagle as it flies above searching for rabbits on the ground so she can feed her young.

Posted by: WampuMannaz PYRAMID at May 29, 2004 12:38 AM
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