May 18, 2004

More Tiny Trouble


One of things we are increasingly seeing is articles in which scientists looking at nanoparticles call for more research to be done. Today’s comes from the UKs Daily Telegraph associating nanoparticles with Cot Death.

Before anyone runs off to blame the dreaded nanotech industry, its worth looking at the source of those nanoparticles – traffic fumes! In fact nanoparticles are produced by a wide range of sources, ranging from diesel engines to smelters and incinerators, as a 1995 report from the UK illustrates. In fact the south east of the UK is bathed in a cloud of them drifting across from heavy industry in northern Europe.

This may turn out to be a positive report fro the nanoparticle industry. In contrast with airborne particles, manufactured nanoparticles are very carefully controlled, from production through shipping and handling to their applications, resulting in the chance of their release to the atmosphere being virtually negligible.

However, that is no reason for complacency. In common with the rest of the community, we will continue calling for further research.

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