May 23, 2004

Where's the nano in this IPO?

Hot, or perhaps lukewarm, on the heels of Nanosys comes what Reuters calls a “Nanotech IPO”, from Lumera.

The claim to nanotech is controversial in two ways. Firstly, as nanotech penetrates more into industrial processes, does that suddenly make Lumera, Amgen, or IBM nanotech companies? Of course it doesn't.

Polymer science is closely related to nanotech, and some would argue that nanotubes are, in fact a polymer, but no one is going to label every manufacturer of plastic bags as nanotech companies.

Oops, cue a new report claiming 50,000 nanotech companies worldwide and a trillion dollar market by teatime tomorrow.

Lumera's main claim of a link to nano is their NanoCapture™ microarray biochip.

Jumping on the nanotech bandwagon for this particular company looks risky, basing an IPO on it looks foolhardy, although the recent Wall Street Journal report on the scale of the biotech black hole may have nudged them in this direction.

Still, in contrast with another "nanotech IPO" they do at least have products.

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