July 26, 2004

Energy Patches? Nano-technology? What is this high tech stuff?

More nano-oddities, this time in the form of LightWave patches which apparently allow “organic materials to interact with the human body to improve energy, performance and stamina but without ingesting anything”.

As many of the MNT crowd appreciate, “the lay public and even professionals often misunderstand, ignore and even ridicule radically different technologies and new commercial products, when they appear to deviate too much from conventional established approaches.” But if the “LifeWave patches communicate with the body like a cell phone” whose number are they dialling?

This goes on the shelf next to the nano energy cup.

Posted by Cientifica at July 26, 2004 05:55 PM | TrackBack

I just found your post on the Lifewave patches. Having used this product for the last 2 months I can testify to its efficacy. New technology is always a challenge, just like computer were for many of us, but when something works people will and do use it. The science behind the product is there for all to read, along with 2 double blind studies from state Universities. What a joy to find a health product that puts nothing into the body yet has many beneficial effects. Who today could not use a 20% increase in their stamina and energy? These patches are changing how many athletes are performing. They are being used by professional footballers, golf players, baseball players, weight lifters and body builders. They are being used by the elderly, by mothers and the overweight. Everyone received benefits from the latest in nanotechnology. So I would not put this product on the shelf with anything else. You are going to hear more and more about this. You can also be a part of the vision. Want more info email me.

Posted by: Marjorie Leggett at October 1, 2004 04:44 AM

i want to know about nano technology.
what is it?
what is it uses?
how can this be implemented in future?
plz. tell me .

Posted by: mayank gupta at February 18, 2005 07:48 AM

I have been struggling with energy and stamina for the past 2 years, since my hystorectomy. I have tried Synergy products and with no improvement. I had decided to just learn to live with it when a girl I work with came to work with these patches and said they had made a world of difference. How and where do I find these and are they coslty? Feel free to email me if anyone can help me. Thx

Posted by: Robyn at March 16, 2005 10:48 PM
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