March 03, 2005

Rabbit Rabbit

A flier for a new journal “Nanotechnology Perceptions” dropped into our mailbox today. Edited by Jeremy Ramsden of Cranfield University, it promises to become “the leading vehicle of opinion, dialogue, and debate about nanotechnology issues set in the widest possible context.”

As perception of nanotechnology is somewhat variable, ranging from grey goo and nanobots to trillions of dollars, with little in between, there is certainly room for such a publication, despite the plethora of blogs that claim the same mission.

On the same subject, a new EU funded project ‘Nanologue’ has just been launched, a "Europe-wide dialogue launched on benefits, risks and social, ethical and legal implications of nanotechnology."

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The best newsletter in the states right now is "NanoClarity." (
It is written by a very smart and worldly professional and he's found a way to bridge the gap between the science and the his opinions are very wise and useful.
He's got over 1000 subscribers in less than four months and is rating all nanotech companies using a proprietary rating system.
Take a look

Posted by: bennett at March 4, 2005 12:05 PM
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