March 04, 2005

Nanotechnology & Food: What’s on the Menu?


Most our readers are fairly familiar with the potential applications for nanotechnologies in the medical, electronic, automotive, and a host of other industries. One of the newer industries that is currently deriving value from nanotechnologies is the food industry. There already is a fair amount of hype in this sector, with some rather bizarre claims on the size of rather loosely defined "nanofood market" stating it is already worth US$2.6 billion and rising to US$20.4 billion in 2010.

We’re not sure how anyone could come up with numbers like these, but it certainly is an important application trend for nanotechnologies and one that needs to be put into proper perspective. To address this need, Cientifica and Wageningen University have launched the Nano4Food conference scheduled for June 20-21 at the Wageningen International Conference Centre and Residence.

Nano4Food will represent the first real opportunity for the food sector's key players, leading suppliers and research community to meet, network and discuss the entire value chain of nanotechnology's commercial development.

Nano4Food will help increase the awareness of the food sector's key players on the potentials of nanotechnology and its impact on food safety and product quality.

It will also indicate to nanotechnology providers what the food industry requires and how their solutions can help address these needs.

The conference will not approach nanotechnologies as “the next big thing” for the food industry, but assemble the leading researchers and business leaders who are applying nanotechnologies today to food processes.

On the menu:

Dr. Manuel Márquez-Sánchez - Group Leader - International Network of Emerging Science & Technologies – Altria

Dr. Stanley Brul - Senior Scientist - Dept. Microbiological Control – Food Research Center Unilever

Dr. Tjeerd Jongsma – Head Research Department - Friesland Foods

Prof. Nissim Garti, Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Hongda Chen - National Program Leader - Bioprocessing Engineering – United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Dr. Frans Kampers – Program Manager - Bio-NanoTechnology - Wageningen University

Dr. Qinrong Huang – Assistant Professor Food Science - Rutgers University

Henk Leeuwis – Executive Vice President - Marketing & Sales - LioniX BV

Dr. Cees van Rijn – Director - Aquamarijn Micro Filtration BV

You may not hear “US$20 billion” mentioned, but you will get a realistic assessment of what nanotechnology can mean to the food industry.

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