March 21, 2005

Millions of Teensy Molecular Machines

The Harvard Business Review and World Economic Forum has jut released its list of “BREAKTHROUGH IDEAS FOR 2005,” looking at the downside of reliability and the upside of flip-flops; new directions for evolving technologies; and the persistent questions of who we are and
what we fear.

Midway through the article we realised there is one other “Breakthrough Idea” that the usually excellent and thought provoking HBR could tale on board: Do your homework before you pontificate. According to the HBR a major worry is “a new nanoindustry that is preparing to release millions of teensy molecular machines into our bodies and the environment with barely a peep heard.”

Whoever penned this piffle seems to have been spending far too long in their ivory tower.

On the other hand, idea number twentu offers sage advice for anyone looking for a nanotech guru:

"Don't Believe Everything You Read (Except for This)
Publishers churn out around 3,500 business titles a year, and--wonder of wonders--not all of them offer good advice. Managers who can't afford to waste time on dreck need help navigating the ideas marketplace. Some rules of thumb: Be skeptical of anything touted as "new," keep an eye out for half-truths, and if someone calls himself a guru, run the other way.

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