Global Funding of Nanotechnologies – 2011 Edition

Global Funding of Nanotechnologies – 2011 Edition


Price GBP 2499.00 / USD 4000.00

In the last 11 years, governments around the world have invested more than US$67 billion in funding nanotechnology research. While some funding programs are mature and concentrating on translational research, others are still at an early stage requiring large purchases of infrastructure, from instruments to buildings and services. Cientifica has been tracking public funding of nanotechnologies for ten years, and its unrivaled connections with academics and funding agencies make this report, the most accurate available.

The report also predicts government funding of nanotechnologies to 2012, using the latest information and taking the current economic climate into account.

The report contains detailed breakdown and analyses of funding in the major economies of the Americas, Asia, EMEA and RoW including:

– Method of Distribution
– Areas of Distribution
– Infrastructure Funding
– Timescale for Funding
– Size of Funding Investments

The report also looks at:

– Changes to future funding figures based on the current economic climate
– The most noticeable changes in policy or focus for nanotech funding in the current environment
– Changes in the amount of funding allocated to infrastructure/equipment based on plans going forward
– Short lists of key/major infrastructure initiatives; eg new nanotech centres, new initiatives
– Flagship programs that are in the works or at an early stage

Finally, using indicators from various sources such as WEF, OECD and IMF, we have calculated two key indices for each country as a measure of which countries are most well equipped to translate research into the economy.

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