Nanotechnology for Medical Diagnostics

Nanotechnology for Medical Diagnostics

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Following on from our “Nanotechnology for Drug Delivery” series of reports we are turning the focus onto medical diagnostics with our latest report: “Nanotechnology for Medical Diagnostics”

Nanotech enabled medical diagnostics promise to improve just about everything that can be improved from a diagnostics point of view: earlier detection of disease, higher sensitivity, higher accuracy, higher throughput capability, more results per assay; time saving and cost-effectiveness.

As with our “Nanotechnology for Drug Delivery” series of reports, this report provides a market numbers for the nanotech enabled medical diagnostic market between 2000-2010 and a market forecast for the period 2011-2021.


Report Scope 

Two sets of data are presented in this report:

  • The TAM growth for NMBD between 2000-2010;
  • TAM forecast for NMBD between 2011- 2021.

Both sets of data are segmented into;

TAM (US$ millions, % share, and CAGR) for:

  • America
  • Asia (key economies)
  • Europe (key economies)
  • RoW (key economies)

Technology type (US$ millions, % share and CAGR) for;

Main Technological Approaches:

  • Quantum dots (QDs);
  • Gold nanoparticles;
  • Cantilevers;
  • Exosomes;
  • Nanobiosensors;

Main Technological Applications:

  • Nanotechnology-based medical and biomedical imaging for diagnostics;
  • Nanotechnology-based medical devices for diagnostics;

Nanotechnology in Early Disease Detection.


Geographical Scope

The studied regions are:

  • North America:
    • USA;
  • European Union (27):
    • Germany;
    • France;
    • UK;
    • Other Countries of EU;
  • Russian Federation
  • Asia:
    • India;
    • Japan;
    • P. R. China;
    • South Korea (R. of Korea);
    • Taiwan;
  • RoW


Quantifying the Total Addressable Market (TAM)

The TAM for nanotech enabled diagnostics is estimated to be 2.439 US$ Billion (end of 2011).

Nanotechnology applied to medical imaging and gold nanoparticles for diagnosis were the application and technology respectively, with the highest growth during the last decade, currently (2011 figures) at:

  • Medical Imaging: 1.7 Billion US$
  • Gold Nanoparticles: 959 Million US$

While the US, China and Germany were the countries with the highest growth currently (2011 figures) at:

  • North America: 675 Million US$
  • China: 330 Million US$
  • Germany: 117 Million US$

We forecast the TAM for nanotech enabled diagnostics to reach $53.6B in 2021. In comparison our report “Nanotechnology for Drug Delivery” forecasts a TAM of $136B in 2021 for nanotech enabled drug delivery.

In 2021, Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India combined) tops the list with the highest TAM, China and India are neck and neck for CAGR.

Of all the technologies studied for this report, exosomes for diagnosis show the highest CAGR between 2011-2021 while medical imaging remains the highest growth application of the nanotech enabled diagnostics market in 2021.

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