White Papers

Cientifica white papers cover the whole spectrum of emerging technologies, from what they are to strategies for exploiting them.

Sustainability and Cleantech

Using Emerging Technologies to Address Global Risks: With a growing global population putting increasing pressure on resources, the report questions whether the future holds an increasing number of conflicts and mass migration triggered by disputes over resources ranging from energy to water, or whether the technologies at our disposal are able to reduce or mitigate global risks.

Building a Sustainable Future: Rethinking the Role of Technology Innovation in an Increasingly Interdependent, Complex and Resource-constrained World: With the average lifetime of a company on the Fortune 500 estimated to be less than 30 years, the impact of technology on business has never been greater. (Published by the World Economic Forum).

Nanotech:Cleantech. Growing concern over climate change driven by man-made carbon emissions is prompting governments world-wide to look at ways of stabilising or reducing their carbon footprint. The United Kingdom unveiled plans to set a “legally binding” target to cut carbon emissions by 60% by 2050 and the European Union has agreed to cut emissions by 20% between now and 2020.

Nanotechnologies and Energy: Energy is one of the world’s largest markets, but the demand is forecast to far exceed the available supply from current resources. Therefore, both the industry and governments are eagerly searching for new energy solutions, which will both address this growing supply gap and from industry’s point of view, turn a profit.

Quantifying The Effect Of Nanotechnologies On CO2 Emissions: This white paper is based on the report “Nanotechnologies for Sustainable Energy: Reducing Carbon Emissions Through Clean Technologies and Renewable Energy Sources” available at www.cientifica.com which examines how nanotechnologies are contributing to sustainable energy, provides detailed market information on the use and impact of nanotechnologies and quantifies the near term impact in terms of carbon dioxide emissions.

Sustainable Technologies For The Next Decade: So what can we do with increasingly scarce resources? The problems with elements, as opposed to compounds, is that as fundamental building blocks we cannot create more material, and nor is there an abundant source of material containing the elements in question. If we need hydrogen or oxygen they can be simply made from water, but there are few abundant compounds containing rare earths. As a result we need to find a new solution, and quickly.


Market Opportunities In Nanotechnology Drug Delivery: Some forecasts have predicted the nanotechnology market to reach close to a trillion dollars by 2015, presenting investors with unique opportunities. However, the market for applications of nanotechnology is complex, multidisciplinary and highly segmented. It is therefore essential to gain an understanding of which market sectors nanotechnology is likely to impact most profoundly in the near term.

Nanotechnology-enabled drug delivery systems (DDS) are dramatically reshaping the way existing drugs are delivered, establishing new opportunities for drug formulation and creating a host of new DDS companies resulting in the opening of a whole new era in the treatment of diseases.

Nanotechnolgy Funding and Strategies

Global Nanotechnology Funding 2011: Every year Cientifica undertakes one of the world’s most exhaustive searches into the global funding of nanotechnologies in order to identify not only where the dollars, euros and yen are being spent, but also to gain a unique insight into the trends shaping tomorrow’s applications.

Gold For Good: highlights the rich, fascinating history and exciting future of gold nanotechnology and explores the answers to two questions; why is gold so unique and useful at the nanoscale and, most importantly, what applications can it be used in for the wider good of society. (Published by the World Gold Council).

How To Make Money From Emerging Technologies: At Cientifica we have been working with emerging technologies for fifteen years, whether developing field emission displays in the mid 90’s, or advising governments, companies and the World Economic Forum in recent years. Over this period money has been made and lost in everything from medical devices to scientific instrumentation and carbon nanotubes, and this hands-on approach has left us with a wealth of practical experience.

Nanotechnologies In 2009: Every year Cientifica undertakes one of the world most exhaustive searches into the global funding of nanotechnologies in order to identify not only where the Dollars, Euros and Yen are being spent, but also to gain a unique insight into the trends shaping tomorrows applications.

Creative Destruction or Credit Crunch?: While the depths of a recession can be the best time to start a business, Microsoft is an oft cited example, this is scant consolation for the tens of thousands of companies that will not survive, and the millions who will lose their jobs as a result. An alternative scenario is Nietzsche’s earlier Shiva inspired version of creative destruction, with the new morality standing in the ruins of the old, which may be the long terms fate of a number of financial institutions and economies. This white paper discusses the five most significant issues which we see impacting the world of nanotechnologies in the coming year.