Drug Delivery

Nanotechnology-enabled drugdelivery systems (DDS) are dramatically reshaping the way existing drugs are delivered, establishing new opportunities for drug formulation and creating a host of new DDS companies resulting in the opening of a whole new era in the treatment of diseases.

Nanotechnology-enabled drug delivery systems (DDS) over the next five years are forecast to dramatically reshape the way existing drugs are delivered. The growing range of nanotechnology enabled drug delivery methods is poised to change the way new compounds are formulated, and to extend the life cycle of existing compounds.

By 2012 nano-enabled DDS will capture over a 15% share of the market from its current potion of 4%. But that is just the beginning. After 2015, nano-enabled technologies will take the lion’s share of the market, making up nearly 90% of the drug delivery market–a complete transformation of the way DDS are formulated.

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