Gold For Good

Nanotechnology offers the potential to overcome many of the serious issues facing mankind over the coming decades. Climate change, pollution control and prevention, access to clean water, falling energy reserves and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as cancer all represent significant challenges to man and the planet. New scientific and technological breakthroughs will be needed to deliver solutions. Over the last decade almost $50 billion of government funding has been invested into nanotechnologies, and this investment is now starting to bear fruit with a steady stream of commercially viable nanotechnologies which are positively impacting human health, the environment and technology.

Gold is at the forefront of this ‘nanotechnology revolution’. Gold nanoparticles exhibit a variety of unique properties which, when harnessed and manipulated effectively, lead to materials whose uses are both far-ranging in their potential and cost effective.

Gold for Good – Gold and Nanotechnology in the Age of Innovation highlights the rich, fascinating history and exciting future of gold nanotechnology and explores the answers to two questions; why is gold so unique and useful at the nanoscale and, most importantly, what applications can it be used in for the wider good of society.

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