Market Opportunities In Nanotechnology Drug Delivery


Market Opportunities In Nanotechnology Drug Delivery

Some forecasts have predicted the nanotechnology market to reach close to a trillion dollars by 2015, presenting investors with unique opportunities. However, the market for applications of nanotechnology is complex, multidisciplinary and highly segmented. It is therefore essential to gain an understanding of which market sectors nanotechnology is likely to impact most profoundly in the near term.

The healthcare market is poised to see some of the earliest benefits of nanotechnology. While early ideas about the impact on nanotechnology on healthcare focussed on fanciful ideas involving small submarines and cancer zapping robots, much of the current advances have been enabled by advances in imaging, control over materials and an increased understanding of how biology works at the nanoscale.

Over the next decade, healthcare will be one of nanotech’s highest growth sectors with drug delivery in the vanguard, but to date specific and rational information about markets has been lacking.

Since we now know most (if not all) biological processes occur at the nanoscale, the application of life science principles – studying the causes of biological phenomena at the molecular level – means that medical and biomedical research is increasingly using a bottom-up (rather than the top-down) approach. The low bioavailability resulting from traditional oral and intravenous drug delivery methods and the market forces at work in the pharmaceutical industry, where patents expire after a relatively short period of time unless a novel form of drug delivery is developed that will extend the patent, are two major forces that will fuel the growth of the nanotech drug delivery market. The third factor at play is a combination of improved global health and a correspondingly dramatic increase in the size of the global aging population.

To get to our market forecasts for NDD from 2011 to 2021 we also had to determine the historical market growth for NDD between 2000-2010, which meant wading through a mire of disinformation and speculation (as well as sifting through thousands of publications).

Unusually for this kind of report, we can now segment the market by geographical region and by technology type.

We examined every kind of technology including: solubility & bioavailability, targeted delivery, drug nanocrystals, liposomes, carbon nanotubes, gold nanocarriers, dendrimers, micelles, polymer-based nanocarriers, nanoshells, ceramic nanocarriers, calcium phosphate nanocarriers and many more.

Cientifica’s report, Nanotechnology for Drug Delivery 2021, gives a comprehensive analysis and geographic breakdown of the current nanotechnology drug delivery market and its key technologies. It also provides a forecast for the size of total addressable markets and percent share of those key technologies to 2021.