Using Emerging Technologies to Address Global Risks

“Using Emerging Technologies to Address Global Risks”looks at how the relationship between man and the environment is being changed by emerging technologies such as nanotechnology, industrial biotechnology and social media, and examines how we can harness technologies for the global good.

With a growing global population putting increasing pressure on resources, the report questions whether the future holds an increasing number of conflicts and mass migration triggered by disputes over resources ranging from energy to water, or whether the technologies at are disposal are able to reduce or mitigate global risks.

Cientifica argue that the world already has many of the technologies we need to address major global problems such as water shortages and disease. The report suggests that many other emerging technologies are being developed that would allow the world to support 10 billion people without compromising the tremendous growth in quality of life that has taken place over the last century.

While we still lack the political will and necessary international institutions, we now have the knowledge and the tools to make the transition from being mere consumers of, and in some respect slaves to technology, to making use of the new scientific revolution to mitigate and minimise global risks.

You can download the report here