Tubes Going Cheap

Cheap Tubes Inc are offering “Multi Wall Nanotubes (MWNTs) by the metric ton” while Nanocraft offer theirs on eBay – though fortunately for our staff who keep a watch on CNT pricing, they are offered at a fixed price. Share

Korea’s Nanotech Feats Outshine High-Profile Biotech – With Only Half The Funding

A bit of trumpet blowing goes on in Korea’s Chosun with the announcement that Korea is even more significant on the world stage in terms of nanotech than biotech, despite the recent work on stem cells. Korea has published a total of 3,542 nanotechnology papers since 1997, accounting for 4.5 percent of the world’s entire output in the field and …

A Different Index

A rather different kind of Nanotechnology index was launched by Innovest this week, looking at the benefits and potential risks. Innovest is an interesting company, focussing on rating companies for environmental, social, and strategic governance issues. While this may be of little concern to the average small investors looking to make a quick buck, or more accurately a buck one …

Nano Stock Pick Pundit Calls Nanogen Correctly

A nice and concise view of why Nanogen is not nano. Although calling this one correctly, it doesn’t hold featured expert Gregory R. Spear back from recommending it as a nanotech stock. You can lead a horse to water… Share

Take the First Exit

OK, a trade sale not an IPO, but Nanogram, who have been focussing on nanomaterials for power sources, have been sold to Wilson Greatbatch Technologies, inventors of the implantable cardiac pacemaker. Investors including Institutional Venture Partners, Venrock Associates, Nth Power Technologies, Bay Partners, CDP Capital Technology Ventures, Rockport Capital, Hydro Quebec CapiTech, Harris & Harris, Groupe Siparex and SBV Venture …