March 13, 2004

Ireland Leads the Way?

While the news about Madrid, where CMP Cientifica is based, was coming in, I was listening to a talk by Paul Burrows of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory talking about the problems of detection at the part per trillion level and its obvious applictaions in homeland security. I was in Ireland for the First International Nanofabrication Symposium in Dundalk, organised by Siobhan Matthews. The opening talks were given by myself and Professor Donald Fitzmaurice (of University College Dublin and NTera fame), who presented the result from the forthcoming Irish Nanotechnology Roadmap which will be published in the coming weeks.

Ireland is already forgoing ahead with an integrated strategy, with Enterprise Ireland proactively identifying companies that would obtain a competitive benefit from nanotechnology and bringing them quickly up to date. In addition, the Irish National Roadmap differs from many others in that industry was consulted, or in some cases dragged kicking and screaming to the table, in order that the roadmap would be feasible. Judging from the preview of the conclusions, Ireland is showing how smaller nations can bring together academics, government and industry around the same table, and rapidly take advantage of nanotechnology. Nanoincisor subscribers will get our take as soon as the report is officially published.

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