March 24, 2004

The New 'Killer App'

If nanotechnology didn't already have enough of a problem with hype and bandwagon jumping, environmental fears and business scepticism, the addition to the already heady brew of a shot of free love and fringe religion may have some investors heading for the hills.

"His holiness Rael" announced from Las Vegas that he has found the killer app for nanotechnology. Not robots, not goo, but good old sex. Apparently human beings should "prepare themselves for a new world in which, thanks to cloning and stem cells, they will live forever young. In addition, they will no longer have to work, thanks to robotics and nanotechnology, and they will enjoy a society free from sex-related guilt, thanks to the separation of sex and reproduction, the development of virtual sex through the Internet and the disappearance of traditional religions"

A pity that Rael forgot to mention that other key attraction of nanotech, being rich beyond your wildest dreams, otherwise he might have been onto something. Will the 21st century equivalent of 'sex and drugs and rock and roll' be sex and money and nanotech?

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