March 26, 2004

Blabber 'N Smoke

Not to be outdone by other peddlers of hype, Charles Morgan of Forbes has been sending mails making even wilder claims than Christian DeHaemer, although they both seem to be working from the same template.

Some of the wilder claims, which would make even the most diehard proponent of MNT blush, are reproduced below. As several correspondents have commented, it really is about time Forbes got off the fence. On one hand they complain about hype, while at the same time peddling the worst examples of it.

"As you're about to discover, Nanotechnology is about to make modern day manufacturing methods virtually obsolete. . . and make visionary investors, like you, richer than their wildest dreams."

"Here's why: Gone forever will be the casting, milling, and welling of materials along with the greatest invention of the 20th Century the silicon chip."

"adding a few shares to your portfolio now will be like having a license to print money."

"Getting in on the ground floor of the coming NANOTECHNOLOGY boom could make you 10-times richer in your lifetime."

"P.S. Over the next 10 years virtually EVERY manufacturing company on this planet will be using nanoscale machines the size of molecules to create smaller, stronger, tougher, lighter and more resilient technologies and medicines."

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