April 19, 2004

The Seven Eight Deadly Finns

The Finish company Nanos OY visited Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, California last week. Markku Rajala - CTO of Nanos Oy - gave a presentation of the three areas that Nanos OY is focusing on and hoping to do for Finnish nanotechnology what Nokia did for phones - nanoscale materials using Hot Aerosol Technology, Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and Nanothermometers.

Using Hot Aerosol Technology (flame spray) Nanos has created production technology that can be used to create surfaces coated with an invisible, antibacterial coating (nClean). The process is optimized for producing TiO2 (anatase) or doped TiO2 particles.

Another application is colouring of glass bottles (nGlass). In nGlass Nanos has optimized the process to produce metal oxides required in glass colouring (roughly 100-200 nm in size and/or 15-30 nm silver and gold particles required in colloidal glass colouring).which can be used to colour glass at lower temperatures. The perfume packaging industry will be an early target.

Nanos OY is the result of a recent merger of three finish companies - ABR Innova Oy, Nanoway and Nanoscale. The three companies had last year a combined revenue of approximately 10 million Euro they hope that the merger will enable them to grow revenue also outside Finland.

Sights are already set on China, the market they believe will create the biggest returns.

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