May 19, 2004

Uh-Ho It's the NanoNerds

While there are a number of nanotechnology pundits that make the regular circuit of CNBC and other mass media outlets, perhaps the most widely recognized public face for nanotechnology to US consumers is the so-called “Professor of Nanotechnology” who appears on General Electric’s television commercials. Anyone who has seen the commercial knows that that this particular nomenclature was used not to market GE’s nanotechnology initiatives, but merely was the simplest way of depicting a nerd…hmmh.

Well, now there is a name to the face. Chris Collins can now enjoy his 15 minutes of fame as the most famous face of nanotechnology. Let’s hope that in the future the most famous faces of nanotechnology will mean something beyond just being a nerd—the savior of the world, perhaps.

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