May 19, 2004

The Language of Nanobots

As if nanotechnology didn’t have enough trouble with terminology along comes Nanomobility, something that had us scratching our heads until they bled.

Is this applications of nanotech for mobile devices, something we have looked at in the last year for a number of large telecoms clients? Is it convergence, nano/bio/IT (we’ll leave out the cognitive bit, it only frightens people). Is it something to do with travel? Lets ask;

"The Converging Nanotechnology and Communications Ecosystem provides a comprehensive overview of the key elements that are shaping the ecosystem for nanomobility as well as the global initiatives that are driving the integrated connection between nanotechnologies and communications."

Well that leaves us little the wiser but a skim of the somewhat skimpy executive summary tells us that "Future solutions derived from integrating nano-scale machines will require interoperable, seamless internetworking communications in order to succeed in a commercial environment."

Hmmm. We’ll just keep an eye on their blog and see if anyone cares to explain. We mailed CEO Michael J. O’Farrell for clarification a couple of weeks ago. Maybe he’s as puzzled as we are?

Update: As a result of CEO Michael J. O’Farrells comments below, we have shifted from being puzzled to being somewhat intrigued.

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The Language of Nanobots… I Like It!

We are heading towards an interesting future where the traditional communication technologies and mediums of today are going to be radically altered, and highly influenced, by the ‘nanobots’ of tomorrow. Nanomobility is not a defining term for a technology nor a specific form of communications, it is a state in which the society we live in will be transformed - as the Internet has shaped our civilized world today.

As noted in our Nanotechnology Communications White Paper and recent news release:

Nanomobility embodies the communications process whereby the products of nanotechnology communicate with each other and the outside world thereby enhancing their ability to become agents of change in the system within which they operate.

For example, this TNTlog enables individuals globally to express thought, create dialogue and influence culture by leveraging the convergence of traditional communication media formats – like print publishing – through internet applications and technologies… a radical change from a decade ago.

Now, jump forward 7-10 years – fuse together your basic technological understanding of internet, wireless, and nanotechnology capabilities combined with traditional media communications – the possibilities are endless and… highly exploitable. Consider the state of – yes I will say it – ‘cognitive’ sciences from the perspective of mass media… very frightening. And, imagine the newspaper of tomorrow with nano-ink contextually understanding your Personal Area Network persona, habits and preferences through Location Based Services… very intriguing but not practical or secure left in the hands of science alone.

This media communications example is just the tip of the iceberg.

At Infocomm, we look at the future nanomobility state as an era in time. A nanomobility era, that by working together, we can influence, develop and structure starting today. InfoComm is committed to shaping the future of nanomobility by providing global organisations with a vehicle for cross-industry collaboration. Our goal is to engage the nanotechnology industry, along with communications industries, to explore the issues and opportunities in nanomobility, cultivate thought leadership and build community for the nanomobility world of tomorrow.

I would like to thank the team at Cientifica for recognising the initiatives we are leading at InfoComm and engaging in our mission to develop cross-industry community participation for nanomobility. We acknowledge the significant accomplishments the team at Cientifica has made in paving the way for the nanotechnology industry and welcome your continued support in the nanomobility space.

We look forward to hearing more from nanotechnology industry leaders and would encourage you to connect with us at InfoComm to further discuss the future of nanomobility.

Nanomobility – “The Language of Nanobots” – I Like It!


Michael J. O’Farrell
Chief Executive Officer

PS. My reply to your earlier, brief inquiry is in your mail.

Note to Readers: Please download Nanotechnology Communications – the first in a series of InfoComm Nanomobility White Papers – from our web site at for a more contextual overview of the communication technologies and issues that need to be further explored in the nanomobility era ahead. Also, the Nanomobility: The Converging Nanotechnology and Communications Ecosystem industry report may be ordered online – you can view the report Abstract and Table of Contents by linking to the ‘executive summary’ from the TNTlog.

[Another example of the power of Internet culture… open dialogue, influence and promotion… it definitely has changed the way we interconnect as a society.]

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