May 19, 2004

The World's Local Nanotech Consultants


David Voyle of NanoTsumani raised an interesting point, "I can not help but wonder, where all that (and please let there be some) European NanoTech news goes to? I have been running Nano Tsunami since Sept 2003 and I can count on 2 hands the number of pure European NanoTech News items."

It all depends where you are looking, and what flavour of “pure” nanotechnology you are talking about.

First of all there is a transatlantic difference of opinion over what nanotechnology is. The ideas of Eric Drexler and Foresight have captured the popular imagination in the US far more than in Europe where they are generally, and in our opinion somewhat short sightedly dismissed out of hand. So if you look at the number of stories about MNT you will find that they are almost 100% US in origin, and originate from a relatively small band (oops, we’ll be in trouble again) of people compared with the number of mainstream nanoscientists. That’s not to belittle the proponents of MNT, who are no doubt franticly googling to prove us wrong right now, but mention of nanobots curing cancer any time soon will get you bounced out of most board rooms anywhere in the world, with a flea in your ear about how people are frightened of the latest nanoparticle drug delivery system because some lunatic has forever associated an otherwise unremarkable, though possibly lucrative product with death by nanobots.

If you are using US sources, European news tends to be somewhat peripheral. The staggering amounts of funding and strategic thinking by the European Commission didn’t get a mention in most US sources (we know Commission publications have the reputation of being somewhat dull unless it comes to the annual apocryphal ban on British sausages, though no more so than those from any other governments, but this one certainly was not - don’t even the usually excellent Small Times even have a European correspondent any more?). Here at Cientifica a large part of our business is based on getting that hard to get information. A quick google will soon tell you what is going on in North America, but if you want to know what companies such as Rolex or T-Mobile are up to, you may have to dig a little deeper.

So, as our clients know, there is a lot of activity in Europe. Much of it doesn’t get shouted about, or picked up in the English speaking media, or indeed made public unless there is a product to back up the bravado, but the world’s largest single market is far from a sleeping giant. The same is true of most of Asia, but if you don’t have people on the ground who understand both the language and the business culture, the first you will know of your competitors is when they start taking chunks out of your market.

As history shows, never underestimate the importance of local knowledge.

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Pure or Not ? Its NanoTech not Chocolate !

I would firstly like to take up the issue of “pure” nanotechnology “ , having flatted out the hairs on my head ( which had stood upright after reading such a remark ) , what if anything do I have with such a remark ?
As a non scientist do I really care about “pure” nanotechnology ?

As a future “nanotechnology enhanced product consumer “ I don’t really care if the product is “pure” nanotechnology, or not.
Just let me I blow my own trumpet here and bring up the issue again of European news via Nano Tsunami.

I had created the site with the mission ( read vision ) that as I future consumer of any NanoTech enhanced product I would have a place to go for independent information about that product, and what the Nanotechnology bit of that product means too me. ( Please note the dropping of the word Pure ).

Millions of follow Europeans ( myself included ) are having increasing amounts of our tax’s allocated towards the advance nanotech products.
Why ?
What products,
What does that mean for me ?

Nano Tsunami is trying to answer many of this issues, our free service requires no subscription or membership, of our client base to read our news.

We are really just an old fashioned “soap box ”, place where anyone can publish there views, report news and say just about anything ( within the libel laws )… good or bad about all aspects of nanotechnology.

That’s why I keep shouting “where is the news, tell us what you are doing etc etc “
Nice as it is to have the opportunity to make comments via TNT Weekly, you still have ( in my humble opinion ) just shirted are my main point.
Where is all that European NanoTech News ?

Statements like “ as our clients know, there is a lot of activity in Europe “surely just enforces my point that its Business first , news & views second “ .

Not being one of “your clients “ but just a future “nanotechnology enhanced product consumer “ how do I get to know what is happening in Europe ?

Is it a secret club, with a NanoTech handshake and Password ?

At less, the very very US NanoTech news coming from the USA is at least coming !

Thicker and faster by the day, and as I once read somewhere “As history shows, never underestimate the importance of local knowledge “

With kind regards
David Voyle
Editor Nano Tsunami

Posted by: David W.G. Voyle at May 20, 2004 01:07 PM
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